Save Idaho Salmon.

Take action to support what is needed to save Idaho’s salmon: lower Snake River dam removal. On February 6, 2021, Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson announced his Columbia-Snake River Initiative that includes restoring the lower Snake River. Congressman Simpson is the first Northwest member of Congress to propose a comprehensive solution which restores the lower Snake River and provides an array of benefits to all affected people and communities. It’s time to thank Mike Simpson and tell Idaho’s other leaders to join him. We are a group of Idahoans who want Idaho salmon and steelhead back in central Idaho’s streams and rivers in sustainable and harvestable numbers.

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Take Action.

To support Congressman Simpson’s bold Columbia-Snake River Initiative to #SaveIdahoSalmon, we ask you to take four simple steps:

Step 1: Create a Video Script.

Generate a personal, 30 second to 60 second long video script.

Sample Script:
“Hi, my name is ______(your name)______ and I am from ________(where you’re from)_______. I care about saving Idaho salmon because __________(reasons you care about saving Idaho salmon)__________________.Congressman Simpson, thank you for proposing the Columbia-Snake River Initiative to bring our salmon and steelhead back home. Senator Crapo, Senator Risch, Representative Fulcher, and Governor Little, please support Congressman Simpson’s initiative. Please act fast; Idaho salmon don’t have much time. Thank you.”

Step 2: Create a Video.

Create a video of you saying your script

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Step 3: Share Your Video.

Share your video on your *personal Twitter account and include this campaign’s hashtag - #SaveIdahoSalmon - in your post

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Step 4: Spread the Word.

Share your video on your *personal Twitter account and include this campaign’s hashtag - #SaveIdahoSalmon - in your post

Shoshone-Bannock Tribes

Resources to Take Action.


Reach Out to Save the Salmon.

Fish and Wildlife.

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Key Projects
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Snake River Policy.

The policy of the tribes for management of the Snake River Basin resources states:

The Tribes will pursue, promote, and where necessary, initiate efforts to restore the Snake River system and affected unoccupied lands to a natural condition.· This includes the restoration of component resources to conditions that most closely represent the ecological features associated with a natural riverine ecosystem. In addition, the Tribes will work to ensure the protection, preservation, and where appropriate-the enhancement of Rights reserved by the Tribes under the Fort Bridger Treaty of 1868 and any inherent aboriginal rights.”

The Snake River Policy is utilized to identify additional land management impacts within the Snake River Basin and will similarly identify alternative management strategies and apply mitigation measures consistent with this policy.

Of People and Salmon: Linking Culture and Ecology.